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Flourish at Nourish

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Have you ever dreamt of finding the off switch for your mind? 

Constant questioning, analysing and inner dialogue was normal for me for so many years. Not only big questions, but constant mind chatter. It was exhausting, fruitless and frustrating but led me to search for a solution.

 I sought to explore spirituality in the wider sense and have been incredibly lucky with the teachers and guides that have crossed my path along the way. Looking back I can see the jigsaw of how they all interconnected at just the right time to guide me . My various reiki, yoga, and life coaching trainings have been no exception - they literally fell in my path, at the perfect time.


So much more than a remedy to hectic modern life,

I seek to serve ultimate nourishment, soul food – in every sense. 

Yoga Classes

I have created yoga classes that I would love to go to – wonderful spaces, great music, a beautiful candlelit setting, healing Reiki energy, and flowing movements that serve as moving meditation.  The flow encourages a stilling of the mind - as you are not busy thinking about the next movement you can dissolve in to the moment and enjoy stillness. After a deep meditation and Reiki blessing we release and engage all layers of the body so that we can strengthen through holding postures.


Classes are for all ages, abilities and religions – my focus is on nourishing you, wherever you are at.

Group Classes

Mondays 8 - 9:15pm

Synchronicity, 157a Hubert Grove, SW9 9NZ

Private Sessions


a private lesson at home or in the park

Elisabeth has transformed the way I think about my mind and body through yoga. Having never done yoga before the retreat, I learnt so much through her amazing, gentle guidance every step of the way. I felt completely rebalanced, restored and revitalised. She is the most gorgeous yoga goddess who only ever wants you to get the very best out of your experience. There would be world peace if everyone went on her retreat and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better than I did after I came back. If I could bottle her magic and have her as my only yoga teacher forever more I would be very happy!!

Sophie Clark

Get In Touch

For more information about any of my classes, retreats, reiki or coaching drop me an email at flourishatnourish@gmail.com