Energy Flow


In it's simplest form Reiki is often described as the channeling of healing energy. As with so many things the definitions falls shorts of giving a glimpse until one has experienced it. I find it easiest to think of the energy exchange you feel when you hug someone, not an awkward formal hug but a true embrace. There is a tangible energy exchange between you that words cannot do justice to. For me, Reiki can be seen through similar eyes. Either in person, or from a distance if geography (or Covid!) makes in person a challenge, Reiki can be channelled to wherever it is needed and, most importantly, invited.

With distance reiki I like to chat briefly a few days before the session so I can send you a relevant essential oil to use as part of the experience.


30 minutes - £35


60 minutes - £60

Please contact me for more details, or to book a session.


I will be launching some yoga offerings both online and in person (in Dorset) from late Summer 2020 and will update with details as they are confirmed.


Ibiza and UK residential retreats will resume in 2021