Have you ever dreamt of finding the off switch for your mind?


Constant questioning, analysing and inner dialogue was normal for me for so many years. Not only big questions, but constant mind chatter. It was exhausting, fruitless and frustrating but led me to search for a solution.

I sought to explore spirituality in the wider sense and have been incredibly lucky with the teachers and guides that have crossed my path along the way. Looking back I can see the jigsaw of how they all interconnected at just the right time to guide me . My various reiki, yoga, and life coaching trainings have been no exception - they literally fell in my path, at the perfect time.


Helping people find their purpose and passion, and how to flourish in all areas of their life, be it with their business, their corporate career, their personal life or understanding the patterns of behaviour in their life - that is what makes my soul sing.

So much more than a remedy to hectic modern life,

I seek to serve ultimate nourishment, soul food – in every sense. I'm by no means a guru but through conversation and relationship I hope to help you find alignment, clarity and connection. 

Contact me for an initial chat, free of charge, no obligations - in fact I won't even mention next stages, I'll leave that to you should you wish to ask.


Things come of things, so let's start with hello.